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Arch cave is the most complex, and the second deepest sea cave on the Californian Coastline. The narrow entrance and extensive erosion makes this cave hazardous close up and is best viewed from the water.

Kayaking in La Jolla Cove, San Diego

He had the steps carved through his living room floor to the back side of the cave. Of all the seven caves, Clam Cave is the only one you can see from land. Its name comes from the unusual double-sided entrance that resembles a clam shell. The cavernous Clam Cave features multiple points of entry and exit. The wide main entrances make the cavern popular with kayakers and snorkelers.

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Here are a three restaurants in La Jolla to grab some grub and relax after a day on the water. My fave for lunch outdoors on the patio, with good food in a gorgeous setting. Also great for a romantic dinner. Cool off with an ice cream sandwich, or get one of their warm brownies or cookies. You can actually create your own ice cream cookie sandwich.

When in San Diego you must eat seafood, be it fish burritos to ceviche tacos. This place is always busy and popular with locals. Nice wine available by the glass.

La Jolla Kayak is the Original Kayaking Outfit

And the barbecue buffet is amazing. I would recommend this trip to any inexperienced kayaker. They provided all the equipment, a short training session, and guide to get us to the caves and back safely. We saw a lot of fish and even a couple of seals inside the caves. There are several tour groups offering sea cave trips.

Go San Diego is highly rated, but don't just take our word for it.

I think they are the biggest tour operator. Fun time well worth the drive down from Los Angeles. We went on a weekday and is was not too crowded. I am going to be visiting San Diego in a week and am really excited that you recommend this trip for any inexperienced kayakers! I was wondering what the conditions were like? Did you have to get out of the kayak at all, or did you just stay in it the whole time?

Just wondering because I struggle with getting back in after! I can swim and whatnot, but I hate tipping and having to get back in! You do not have to get out of the kayak. You will get wet especially when launching from the beach.

A guide will be with your group for the whole trip and there is a training session before you start. Beginners, weekend warriors, and hardcore adventurers can enjoy this unique way to discover all that San Diego has to offer by biking down a mountain, kayaking. House and the oldest schoolhouse in San Diego.

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